Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogging... connection to people we'll never meet

I hope this doesn't sound creepy (like weirdo stalker blog reader creepy), because it isn't coming from a place of creepiness.

I read some blogs and get a feeling of connection. If not to the person, to their story. (or both)

Today I was pouring over the blog of a courageous woman and her fight against breast cancer. The minute I got to the posts where she found out about her cancer and started her fight the water works began. It was such a mixed bag of emotions, anger at the disease, my heart breaking for yet another family affected by cancer, her three beautiful young daughters that showed such hope and resilience while their mom was fighting the battle of her life, the sweet care, concern, and abundance of prayers from friends and family, and her amazing faith thru such a horrible ordeal.

Her sharing a diary of her journey brought back so many memories of my mom and her fight against the same disease. I wish I wasn't so familiar with the terms, procedures, medications, processes and side effects that were written about. I think for a few minutes I was carried back to a time in my life that I would rather forget.

This might be something only someone who is been in my shoes can understand, but I think her writing down her journey is a beautiful gift to her children. At some point in their future, they will be able to look back and read the raw emotion and thoughts of their mother during her fight. They will see a different perspective of this time in their life, the strength of a woman fighting for her own life and for the sake of her family. They will add to the depth of their appreciation for this woman who is their #1 role model. I know I would love to have such a story on paper, in my mother's words to carry with me thru the rest of my life and share with my (future) children.

I was witness to my mother's battle when I was an adult. (I will admit that I did a lot of growing up during that time as well... from child at heart to full blown woman) I can't even imagine how I would have processed and dealt with this if I wasn't even 12 years old.

*whew* I could go on forever. Better quit while I'm ahead.

Thank you Cindy at "Army Brats and Me" and everyone for sharing your life stories, struggles and triumphs.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

No, I know what you mean. I read some people's blogs with every post so over time you feel like you know them.