Tuesday, August 31, 2010

*WWIT Reality Check* Hello Luvahs.....

* A check yourself update*

Damn it.  I don't even have a job that requires I wear cute business clothes and heels.  I can pretty much wear a notch above PJ's if I wanted to.   I have a closet full of cute heels and other than sneakers maybe 2 casual shoes appropriate for our rainy crap winter.  So I've come to a compromise.

1. I'm saying goodbye to my soft as butter leather beautiful blue shoes.

2. I AM buying something to replace them.  Some functional and cute North Face winter boots that I've been searching for for the last few years.  I'm excited to finally found winter boots that I love.

3.  I get to keep a version of the pretty ruffly shoes.  The color below is apparently the current season, but I found a soft grey color for less than 1/2 the price because it is sooooo last season. Who cares!  I love the shoe and I swear to goodness I've never found a pair of heels that are this super soft.  It's dang near like wearing ballet flats.

Win Win Sitch

This is an illusion, I really didn't just replace the "cleaning out the closet" shoes. *grin*

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Evoke the strategic packing gods... *ohmmmm*

Oh Saint Christopher....

I've got to start some strategic packing planning, like now.  My big 3 week adventure isn't for a few months yet but here is what I face.  Packing for three weeks that include winter in Europe, a need for a formal dress (which I just found out about that little addition today... I'm looking forward to the event but just sayin..), a week in a tropical location and Christmas in the Heartland.

And get that all done in luggage that I'm draggin around with me for 20,000 miles.


The best that I can come up with right now is planning on shipping what I can for Christmas so I don't have to carry it and maybe shipping my dress too?

P.S. I want to start shopping now but chances are in the next 1 to 1.5 months I will be size smaller.

*I am so aware that there could be some seriously worse thing for me to be stressing about*

Friday, August 20, 2010


Ha ha!

I am so completely happy that I choose to get this done.

These were just for sleep my first night.  Check up this morning... 20/20 both eyes baby!  Super success, the procedure was painless and quick.   Spent the day yesterday with different alarms and timers set on my phone for the every 1/2 hour and then every two hour rounds of artificial tears, antibiotics and steroids.  I could have gone back to work this afternoon but decided to "rest my eyes" (aka: shoe shopping and pretending to be a lady of leisure at the fancy mall)  Speaking of, a little off topic but....

Most difficult part is going to be the "no sports" over the next week.  I really tried to figure out a way that I could work out but one of the big concerns is sweat and I'm one of those super sweat people (yeah, I know luck me) so I'm going to be a walking fool for the next week to try and keep up with my fitness.

I am so happy I did this.  Took myself shopping for new non Rx sunglasses after the appointment.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


12 hour to no glasses

Monday, August 16, 2010

Big week.... new eyes, new me & vacation!

I'm baaaaccck.....  

Although I wasn't physically missing, what I feel is the real me has been on hiatus for the past three years or so.  I finally finally finally feel like myself again!  It's been a struggle and some hard work on my part but I feel like I've escaped the grasp of that Nasty Grief Monster and for the first time in about three years I feel like me.  I'm LIVING my life again.... not just going thru the motions and it never felt so good.

Grief is a really odd thing.  The impact it has on a person and the process over time is different for everyone.  Even having educated myself as much as possible on the whole process, there were times that it was hard to recognize.  Yeah, I was feeling blue and not really engaged in my life and with my friends, but I wasn't sitting and specifically thinking "I miss my mom."   It had developed into a more general cloud of blah that would come in and hang around for a couple months at a time, blow over, and come back again.

I know it can still come an go.  For today, this month and this moment I am in full on celebration of feeling like SS once again!!  I've missed her, I love her, I'm so happy to have her back. *hugs myself*

So the big week thing... I'm getting new eyes!

Thursday AM I go in for LASIK.  *blink blnk*  I had to start today with my "no makeup" for three days before surgery, I'm getting in three hard work outs because "no sports" for a week post surgery (and no makeup too).  I've officially gone from nervous to so excited to get it done!  I was out playing in the sun a lot this weekend... paddling around a big lake and the local arboretum, sitting on a dock watching the boats pour thru "the cut" from one lake to another.... and happily telling my Rx sunglasses it doesn't matter if you get covered with spray on sunscreen because this week you are going in the garbage!!

And the other big thing.. VACATION BOOKED!

December vacation with "The Ex" who really isn't so much of an Ex anymore is a done deal.  Frantic planning with limited phone calls & skype are complete, tickets booked, vacation time is a go.  One small detail left.  I have to inform my family that I will not be home for the Christmas holidays.  They will be happy for me, but also a little bummed that I won't be there.  I got the umpteenth degree from my Granny back when I went on my first vacation with TheExNotEx.  She knows he and I have maintained contact, but I can only imagine the questions I'm going to get regarding my three week, 20,000mile, two continent, three country December adventure with him.  Well, and the sweet thing doesn't have the best short term memory these days so she will probably ask the same question about 5 times every 30 minutes.

Anywho... he has been doing a really good job (what he can considering the circumstances) giving me the follow thru and commitment that I need to help rebuild things.

Now I can finally start getting excited and looking forward to this trip, because, hot damn... it's ON!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meeting other bloggers... is there a creep factor?

So here is a question for other bloggers...and I'm talking about other bloggers that have lots of followers rather than the random venting kind of bloggers like me. :-)

Have you ever had someone recognize you from your blog and approach you to say "Hi, aren't you so-n-so from blah-zah-blah blog?"

Is it or would it be creepy to you?

Oh and another thing....

Lets say you are an anonymous blogger and people in your real life, including your significant other, don't know you blog.  Then lest say you were going to be in a town where or even possibly moving to a town where some of these other bloggers live and it might be very helpful for you to make contract with them. But, uh, how would you explain to significant other how you know this person? (oh yes, and the significant other would think it is super weirdo to be meeting people online like this and would probably be more than a little freaked out about it) 

Just thinking out loud in case that's ever a possibility.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

5k #2

32 min! 4 better than last time. *smile*. A picture of me right now would show vasodilation at it's finest.

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