Monday, August 9, 2010

Meeting other bloggers... is there a creep factor?

So here is a question for other bloggers...and I'm talking about other bloggers that have lots of followers rather than the random venting kind of bloggers like me. :-)

Have you ever had someone recognize you from your blog and approach you to say "Hi, aren't you so-n-so from blah-zah-blah blog?"

Is it or would it be creepy to you?

Oh and another thing....

Lets say you are an anonymous blogger and people in your real life, including your significant other, don't know you blog.  Then lest say you were going to be in a town where or even possibly moving to a town where some of these other bloggers live and it might be very helpful for you to make contract with them. But, uh, how would you explain to significant other how you know this person? (oh yes, and the significant other would think it is super weirdo to be meeting people online like this and would probably be more than a little freaked out about it) 

Just thinking out loud in case that's ever a possibility.


Jessica @ {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife said...

I would be creeped out if someone who wasn't a "known" blog follower recognized me.

The Mrs. said...

id think it was fantastically hilarious if someone ever recognized me from my blog. but then again i dont put my pic up so its gonna be hard.

ive met a couple bloggers and its been great. hubs thinks its a bit odd but he hasn't said not to and i trust that he would if he thought it was really off.

if your in my neck of the woods stop by!

annoyed army wife said...

If someone recognized me I'd deny who I was and run away. Just kidding, I'd probably be weirded out a bit. I met up with a fellow blogger in San Antonio and it was awesome! You should definitely hang with them and make up a cool cover story. My family and friends don't know I blog, but my husband reads my blog everyday.

Lacey said...

I've become friends with a fellow blogger. She only lives a couple hours away. We are going to meet some day soon! Even talking about a short road trip together. haha She's the sweetest and we can both relate to each other so its helpful. My boyfriend knows about my blog. He thinks its weird sometimes but he is always supportive. It's just easier for me to be open and honest with him.

New Girl on Post said...

Well...if someone ever came up to me and asked me if I was New Girl on Post, I'd be a little freaked out, but only if they'd never talked to me before on my blog. However, living in Italy I don't see that happpening. :)

I've met a few bloggers since I've been blogging and my husband thought it was kind of weird the first time, but after that he warmed up to the idea.

Danielle said...

I hang out with Mindymom and my step sister thinks it is creepy that we met on-line. I think it very different with blogs. Non-bloggers don't get how much we really know about each other before we meet.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Personally I would find it funny if I was out and someone I didn't know recognized me from the blog. I've met quite a few bloggers and I'm actually friends with a few in real life before they started blogging.

If I'm going to a town for a visit I always seek out bloggers and ask them what's great there.