Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh my EFF are you kidding me? Monkey babies?

What is wrong with TLC?

My Monkey Baby

Is this really a TV show?

I was so weirded out by the preview I know it's not even one of those things I'll watch to satisfy my freak curiosity.

I'm so confused.  So are they.


The Mrs. said...

TLC has had something on like this before and it was amazing. And I mean amazing in a train wreck freak show kinda way. One couple brought their dressed up monkey to a kids playground (full of kids mind you) and then the little monkey starts freaking out on the other kids. really I ask you what is wrong with people?!

Danielle said...

Thanks for stopping by and following. I will be stopping by often!

Amanda said...

OMG, someone else as oddly fascinated and confused by this as me! My friend at work found a clip on YouTube...please watch it and you'll be amused/terrified :)

Great blog by the way!