Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My thoughts... are those my thoughts?

I do this over and over. I have a day when I'm feeling not so together and I write down my thoughts. Then the next day I read what I wrote and I think "who was that?".

Isn't that the whole point of this for me, right? Get things out, write things down so I can see where I have been, how I've processed things and have reminders of how I was able to handle whatever was going on in my life at a given time....good, bad and ugly.

I asked a friend this morning if she ever wrote down what was going thru her head when she was having a rough patch. She said that yes she has done that but she "sounded like a crazy person" so she stopped. That is how I feel.

I've always had a hard time translating the thoughts and feelings that are in my head into the right words or into well put prose so they come out exactly how they are floating in my head.

Because this is a public forum, after a scattered thought/having a rough day post, I feel compelled to post about all the things in my life that I do appreciate, love, cherish and am grateful for. God forbid that someone read what I just wrote the day before and not realize that there is more to me than being a grown woman who feels a lot lost right now. It might just be a good for ME too. I have never completely lost sight of all the good things in my life, I just need to pull them back up as the main focus.


T said...

I love blogging for just that reason.

Glad all is clear compared to the day before. Don't you just love how the clouds part and reveal that sunshine that was there all along?


Danielle said...

Plus, it is such a nice feeling to have people come back after a rough patch. We all go through them and stand besides each other.
Don't worry!