Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Granny!?! *my ears are burning*

Out of the mouth of Granny…

Me: I don’t feel like putting on makeup today before our errands. I wish there wasn’t such a difference between how I look with and without makeup. I’d love to get the reaction ‘Wow, she looks great and no makeup’

Gran (1/2 under her breath) Yeah… ‘I could wake up to that in the morning’ is more like it.

Me: Granny!

Gran: Oh, after you are married of course.

A little reminder that my Granny actually had a life before being my Granny.

She really is too cute

She is spry but due to her eyesight dwindling she has a disabled parking pass. We only use it when really necessary but Gran puts on an act when we do. She’ll get out of the car and grab on to my arm and we walk really slow. The minute we hit the front door of the establishment, she drops the arm and off she goes in her Nike sneakers and her GAP jeans.

I love the fact that she keeps her older wig as her “house wig” to put on first thing in the AM or when there is company in the house she’ll sleep with it on. It’s hilarious to see her napping with her wig slipping ½ way off the back of her head. Wake her up, she adjusts the wig and all is good.

Good times

I love time with my family. I've been feeling rather alone (kind of orphaned) lately and a weekend with my Granny is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I have a very special relationship with my Gran. My mom had me when she was very young and we ended up living with my Gran and Gramps until my mom finished college. I think I was in 1st grade when we moved to our first apartment. My Gran was the one that was home watching me during the day while my mom was at school and work. The little lady really is my 2nd mother and boy how glad I am that I still have her in my life.

It is really sweet how she has upped her game since my mom passed. I think she feels it’s her duty to look after “Colleen’s little girl”. She pulled out all the stops and for two days asked me question after question when I told her I was taking a trip to Hawaii with the Ex. It was very dramatic at times, Granny grabbing the remote and turning off the TV, “I have some more questions for you.” She always asks me if I have “pocket money” and as soon as I leave town asks me if I’m on my way back yet. *loves loves loves*

Today I booked my ticket for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait.


Sara said...

Your granny sounds so funny. I'm going to be a cool granny too one day.

Danielle said...

Oh, I love this. I loved my grandmother so very much. I just posted about her today infact. Yeah for you that she is still aawesome!

Amanda said...

Don't you love the stuff Grannys say? My Granny & Papaw moved into an assisted living close to my Aunt, and as they wre helping her pack up, they ran across some silver high heels. So my Great Aunt said, "This pair is going in the giveaway pile." And Granny said, "You don't know that I won't need those silver shoes!!" :) Love it. It's great to know someone is looking out for you!