Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hitching wagons and it could have been worse...

Thank you Sweet Jesus that I have more than one wagon and I don't hitch them all to the same horse. Had I been the type of woman to hinge all my future plans and goings on the relationship with my ex (one of the particular end of one of the horses) I would be SOL big time. Luckily for me, I'm not that woman.... so only one of my wagons that was hitched to THAT particular horse is left behind. Off I go dragging my other wagons (if I'm going to call myself a horse you can bet I'm the prettiest pony out there!), gonna stop buy and pick up that empty one left on the side of the trail and see what we can fill it with next. Yee Haw.... geddy up and all that good horse talk. *can you tell I did NOT grow up on cowboy country*

Things that could have been worse and other positive notes:

He broke it off BEFORE I packed up and moved. What a disaster that could have been.

I felt loved, I wasn't taken advantage of, I was treated like a very special woman, I was encouraged and praised and all that good stuff. It was a great relationship while it lasted and right up until he chose a poor ending.

At the time we met I needed to have joy and hope and positive things to help get me thru a difficult loss. I really do believe he was sent for a reason.

Lessons learned always have some future benefit.


I have all these frequent flier miles (thanks for the tickets!) and will use them to go somewhere fabulous and in first class. Maybe Hawaii WITH OUT you is just what the Dr. (heh heh... there is a pun there) ordered!

And I'm going to enjoy my pretty diamond ring regardless. *plbbbbb* :-P


T said...

I like it! :)