Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grannies say the darndest things

My 89 year old Gran is the light of my life. What a card this old lady is. I got a good dose of exactly what I needed while visiting her this weekend. I'm glad she is only a reasonable road trip away.

Advice on road trips:
"Now don't go picking anyone up. You know, those.... uh.... hoodlums.... oh what do they call them? You know, they started down in California and came up here.. in those gangs." (said as a matter of fact, not a question) Gang bangers is the term Gran was looking for. I am not to pick up any hitch hiking gang bangers. Because there are a lot of them hitch hiking between Seattle and the more sparsely populated other side of the state?

Advice on relationships:
When telling her about the ring I got for Valentines day, "Well yeah, they want to lock it down early" Did my Gran really just say "lock it down"?!? *peeing*

My Auntie had broken the news to Granny about the break up, so I didn't have to and Granny was really great. Gave me a hug, said she was sorry and left it at that. I love hers.


Your Girl Leah said...

Stace, you know you are always picking up hitchhiking gang bangers, migrating to Spokane, WA. kjasdf

Don't even front, granny is onto you! ;)

The Mrs. said...

Can I be adopted by your grandma? She's a hoot!

ps. -1 just climbed in my lap so i should go mommy now, i'll comment on your other post later. So sorry about your break up.