Friday, May 29, 2009

The random before the storm

Lots of deep thoughts and revelations lately that I've been putting down on keyboard, before I post them out loud I'm sticking with completely not serious stuff that has popping into my head today.

First off TGIF!

Why do my ears turn into parabolic microphones (with amplifier) when it comes to people eating crunchy things or smacking while eating? Gaaawwwwwddd....

The pens at my doctors office, the ones that have anti-theft chopsticks attached, are drug company and HOTEL freebies. $ame doctor$ office where I no le$$ than 4 time$ had to $ign document$ $howing how aware I was of the cancellation and payment policie$

I have 34 days before leaving for vacation and need to shrink one size to fit into my warm weather clothes. That means 34 days of my trainer's dedication to the gym and cardio. I look ridiculous in my one pair of jeans and long sleeve tees everyday.... and I chose to spend money on the trainer rather than buying more clothes in a bigger size so I'm stuck until I make a difference. I keep forgetting to take my before pictures, but I need to do that soon so I can see some progress when I take the after.

Springtime, Cottonwood tress and lip gloss do no mix.

Why are the ladies at my nail salon so focused on whether or not I'm married yet?

And last but not least, some eye candy for a Friday:

A reason besides 24/7 flip flop wearing that have me convinced I need to live in Hawaii. I will run into him while he's visiting.

Ah...*slurp* Mr. Djimon Hounsou. He looks just as hot with his clothes on and I lurve the little bit of grey that is showing up in his beard, but really, clothes are so over rated.


The Mrs. said...

good luck shrinking! I'm sure you'll be fitting into your clothes in no time.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha, is that first picture of the Rock?? It looks like him!