Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Criminitly Trigger... put that pea shooter down!

I could hurt someone with this thing.... like make them want to poke their eyes out.

So do you ever go back and read one of your posts and think "who wrote that"?

That's how I feel about what I posted yesterday. What a difference a day makes, huh.

I was having a mini-melt down day that carried over into this morning. Thankfully a cup of coffee and a dose of allergy med. with sudafed and I feel almost like a new person.

And I forgot to mention that I was also feeling like a horrible pet mom because my furball was at the vet yesterday, under anesthesia, and the vet was being a dick and I was worried.

I almost took the post down, but why? Isn't that what writing journals or blogging is all about, keeping a record of this stuff. And it is truly how I was feeling, and I do have those issues and heart break to deal with so it stays recorded for the world to see. The good, the bad and the unimportant drivel.

I feel like combining a couple of sitcom theme songs... "You take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life.... one day at a tiiii-iii-iiii-ime...."


T said...

Wow. Thanks for leaving those songs in my head now...

Nope, keep it comin. That's what blogging's all about!

New Girl on Post said...

No FREAKIN WAY. You did NOT just quote the animated Robin Hood movie. No kidding that's my favorite movie ever! I know all the lines. You are awesome my friend!

RetroMama said...

Thank you for being brave enough to comment over on my blog. Um, Mother's Day is pretty tough. I lost my mom in 2002. I am lucky enough to have an awesome therapist who stayed late tonight for an extra session. I used half a box of kleenex. No joke. Blog it out. And I'll be back to read some more. Thanks.