Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm doing a 5k....Couch Potato to 5K (C25K) - Week 1/2

A couple of years ago I made it my goal to be able to jog around my favorite park trail.  It's 2.8 miles around the little lake and as I'd walk I think "man, if I could ever jog around here it would be great".  I started with super baby steps, inside on the treadmill away from as many viewers as possible.  At that point, I couldn't have even done a solid mile.  I eventually did get to the point of being able to jog around that lake...twice... like twice total, not twice around all at once...and felt like I was going to puke at the end but I did it.  I am so not a runner.  I'm not sure my body is built for that, but heck, it kicked off the last 10lbs I had to lose and was a challenge that I conquered!

Two years later and I can still do a mile plus and not die, but really lost the progress that I had made.

I promised myself that this year I was going to the Komen Race for the Cure 5k instead of the walk.  *gasp* Now we are 8 weeks away and I haven't done shit to get ready for it so I'm trying the couch potato to 5k route.  I don't have the full 9 weeks but looked at the program and I think I'm far beyond week one so OK to skip it.

I found that they have a super little app for my iphone that will give me audio cues over top of my own selected music and track my work outs.

So here we go with week 2 of the program:

3 times; alternate 90 seconds of jogging with 2 minutes of walking for 20 mins.

I feel like this will be fairly simple, I'll have to get in one day while I'm out of town visiting the Best Grandma in the World.

Here I go... Run!  SS Run!


T said...

Go girl! Very proud of you! That is a great start to running. You got this!

Danielle said...

Good for you. I am signed up for a half marathon this summer and I haven't really started training yet!