Thursday, September 10, 2009

Luck o' the Norsk

It's about dang time.  There was some good luck for me this week.  This was pure good luck, not the "I walked away from a horrific accident alive" kind of luck that I had earlier in the summer.  *man above if you are listening* Not that I would trade that kind of Guardian Angel luck for anything, I'm just saying that random all positive good luck feels great!

Wal-Mart trip that ended well

Mama hit a progressive JACKPOT on penny slot machines!!!!!  I really do like to gamble and fortunately for me I don't have too much of an addictive type of personality so keep it to some outings with the girls/family a handful of times a year.   It started with a trip to WalMart.  There isn't one close to where I live so it's a bit of a drive....but it was a nice evening and I didn't really feel like sitting at home (or going to the gym) so I decided to go up to Wally World to get some things and knock out grocery shopping as well.   So happens that WM is about 1/2 a mile away from a nice big casino.  I was done shopping and still didn't feel like heading home so I decided to take the $50 in my wallet and go in and have a cocktail and play some slots.  B.I.N.G.O.   I think all the funny feelings about going to the casino alone flew out the window when I won big.


So after replenishing the savings account (depleted from having to buy a new car) I treated myself to MY NEW SET OF GOLF CLUBS.  My first set ever.  Because of the car purchase I was going to wait to buy them until next spring but I just couldn't wait any longer.  The weather her has been horrible so I didn't get to play over the weekend but last night I hit the driving range and felt like an official golfer with my own clubs.

Drama, heart ache, feeling a bit ungrounded all aside.   Life is feeling pretty good this week. *woot*


T said...

Woot! Go girl! You deserve a bit o' luck!