Monday, August 3, 2009

Let me tell ya about car shopping

This was not my first experience buying a used car and seeing as I had no intention of getting rid of my comfortable, reliable and paid for car I was really irritated that I even had to be out there doing this. I had mixed feelings going in, some bad and some not too bad experiences with car salesmen... but I just knew that there would be one or two out there that would tick me off and waste my time so I dug in and was prepared for the worst.


Got lots of it from various folks... some who would spend a mortgage payment to get a brand new car of their dreams if "I was you".
The best was from my Granny.

Me: Hi Gran...what ya up to?

Granny: Oh I was just coming in from outside, sitting down to take off my wig and let my head cool down.

Me: I'm going to start my car shopping this week...blah blah blah

Granny: Now, do you have a man to take with you? A friend or one of your friend's husbands?

Me: No Gran and to be honest I wouldn't trust any of my options to do any better of a job at this than I can.

Granny: *giggle*

Now, the whole man to go shopping question came out more than once and I just thought it was funny. Really funny because her man that she last car shopped with, my dear Gramps, was so not mechanically inclined and would walk in and pay cash for the sticker price listed on the car. That is man help that I could do without.


Two weeks in a stinky rental car: $30/day
Taking on a car payment: $12000 plus interest
Having one of the easiest car buying experiences ever: PRICELESS!
Seriously, all the built up dread I had was unwarranted. Both of the dealerships I went to to test drive on Thursday and Friday were completely no hassle, they took all the time in the world with me to answer questions and show me various models of the two cars I was considering and the only reson one got my business and the other didn't is becuase I decided to go with the sedan rather than the crossover.

And here she is... my new bebe.

2006 Acura TL *loves*

Question: Do you name your cars? I never have but we'll see... folks have asked me if she has a name.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! That's really nice! I'm kinda jealous I didn't get this car in May when I bought mine!

New Girl on Post said...

Love the car!

I've never named my cars, but I have friends that do.

The Mrs. said...

ooho what a perty car! I'm not that thrilled with car buying, we just got to go thru it as well and it was hardly the high point of my week. but at least its over and done with. except the whole payment thing. sigh.

RetroMama said...

Whoa. You've had lots going on! I hope you're healing and I think your new car will help. ;)

I don't name my cars. Other people have named my cars, though. Not the latest one, however.

Oh, but my son has named all of his dad's trucks.