Wednesday, July 15, 2009

School House Rock ROCKS all over again!

School House Rock! - EARTH
Being a young child of the 70's... I LOVE LOVE LOVE School House Rock clips.

Present day I was searching around to purchase them on DVD and look what I found.
I think this is about the coolest thing ever. I will add this to my other purchase of the regular clips. Not bad on, both together qualify for free shipping.

Product Description:
Schoolhouse Rock is going green! Schoolhouse Rock! Earth has all the heart and musical soul of the original Schoolhouse Rock, designed for a new generation of fans! Eleven all-new songs with all-new animation prove that caring about the environment can be rockin fun! The orignal Schoolhouse Rock masters have written all new songs sung by beloved voices from timeless classics like I'm Just A Bill and Conjunction Junction. There couldn't be a better time to be educated and entertained about water conservation, recycling, biodiversity, solar power and the rainforest, the Schoolhouse Rock way!

I may love these so much that it's an idea for a give away when I ever get to a point in my blogging that I do that!


T said...

I'm with ya!! I heart Schoolhouse Rock too!!

What a cool idea.

Hope you're well.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love school house rock!!! Who doesn't?!?!

I wish they still showed this stuff on tv!

kobico said...

Was passing through and saw this entry ... I love School House Rock, although I have to say I was not impressed with the covers they did a few years back. It will be interesting to see how they have produced this new set.