Monday, February 21, 2011

She Ran Forrest.... She Ran!!!

MY mountains, USA.
And I wasn't running from anything... I did it for the sake of getting some exercise!

It's been about 2 months 1.5 weeks since I've been out running and then it was thru the streets of a town in a foreign country.   Boy what a different two months can make, huh?

The setting felt so familiar as my last few runs. There was so so so much similar at first I wanted to retreat;  The weather was chilly (40ish), same cold weather gear on, backdrop of snow covered mountains behind the city.. But wait, I'm HOME.  This is MY turf, MY favorite park, MY familiar mountains!  I wasn't going for performance ( *heh* that was funny, me.. running...performance) I just needed to get out and do it and it felt great.

I was reprogrammed.

I am home. I felt much more grounded and focused back on my home turf and the present.  My head has been just about everywhere but in the present since I've been back.  It felt good to be in the moment and feeling settled at home. Finally.

I'm going to attribute it to not only the run on Sunday, but the whole weekend I was busy doing things that had absolutely no Ex associated memories.  I was doing things that were just me and nothing he and I had ever done together.  Out at an Irish pub drinking beer and eating corned beef & cabbage and hanging with new friends and a day up snowboarding.  All new memories.  All me baby!


T said...


Yet another reason exercise is so good...

I'm enjoying your baby steps! They're HUGE!

Elle Sees said...

argh i have never ran