Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Notes to self

NTS#1:   When you are feeling like this, big time indicator you need to go to the counselor for a tune up

NTS #2:   Realizing that the counselor is going to be more than the "grief" counselor you previously sought out.  As the layers of ick peel back I'm realizing that there are more issues at work here than just the grief.  Kind of like the grief opened up pandora's box.   I'd rather get this figured out now so I can grow.  Don't feel bad little self, they aren't major just the little things and behaviors you have learned over the years that may now be limiting you.

NTS#3 Stop beating yourself up so damn much! Good lawd, nobody expects you to be perfect. They accept you and your warts, why can't you accep them yourself?  What good does it do to keep making yourself feel bad over things that nobody else even cares about?  Get over it, live your life and enjoy it already.

NTS#4:  You were already aware that this was going to be a process and that in the process there would be good patches and bad.   Remember when the bad patches come that they will go away and don't forget that they are getting shorter and shorter in length, fewer and further between and all that good progress stuff.

NTS#5:  It all worked out OK for Bridget Jones in the end, so don't worry.


T said...

I love this.

All great Notes to Self for me too!

Get it all out girl. You'll feel much lighter for it!

((Big hugs))

Danielle said...

I always love it when people do things to help them selves grow.
NTS# I NEED to toooooooo!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

You're right! If Bridget Jones ended up ok, we'll all end up ok!