Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feet Wet

Got my feet wet last night. I did my first round of looking at condos. It was a really good experience but how odd was it to be in folks’ homes and opening cupboards and looking in closets. I was really hesitant at first but by the 3rd unit I was all up in it.

I learned some things that I like and some I definitely don't. It was a good start and now I have some things under my belt for comparison purposes. Frustrating to find a unit that I really liked the space and the bedrooms and the master bath was AWESOME but it was the strangest set up to get from the parking to the building. Creepy and I'm in the land of rain that doesn't stop all winter, like I'm willing to go for a hike with my groceries? Don't think so.

Now I sit staring at my email and the listing sights like I'm a crack fiend and the new listing is my dealing pulling into the driveway with a goodie!


Sara said...

I love looking at homes. I went rental home looking with one of my blogger friends and boy oh boy was that a good time! We saw some strange stuff and some wonderful stuff!

Good luck!

Amanda said...

We looked in one home (it was a short sale) and there was a pair of nasty old panties in one of the drawers, and a nasty old BED too! You'll see some interesting things. Just wait till it's all you can think about and you search like crazy every day as if new listings will come's a sickness! Good luck :)

T said...

How exciting though!! Good luck!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That's great that you've started getting out there and actually seeing places! Hope you find one you love!